[Released 26/09/2011 - Rock Action]

I first read about this release on Drowned in Sound / Drowned in Scotland for October and discovered it was on Spotify yesterday. I didn’t hear the first, eponymous, Remember Remember release – which was a creation of then sole member Graeme Ronald. Now with an expanded roster of musicians the sound is full and varied. Though loosely a post-rock instrumental album on the Rock Action imprint, this doesn’t have the loud-quiet-loud dynamic of many Mogwai numbers, but shares their infectious hooks and way with a humorous song title (witness the pop-inflections of closer ‘John Candy’). I am particularly drawn to ‘Ocean Potion’ and ‘Unclean Powers’, both integrating subtle brass instrumentation into an overall woozy soundscape of glockenspiel, electric guitar and light drums. With a cinematic atmosphere (for what kind of film I’m not sure) this is a perfect one to listen to on an empty train rolling through the city at night.  Recommended.


1. White Castle

2. Ocean Potion

3. Scottish Widows

4. Hey Zeus

5. Unclean Powers

6. A Larger Demon

7. One Happier

8. John Candy


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