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Released 14/09/2011 - Pictures Music

Something of a step-change for Scotified here, making a move away from the indie and post-rock that has dominated thus far and into more electronic territory. This very interesting EP from Glaswegian Rudi Zygadlo has been out for a month or so, but only recently came to my attention. First impressions are a cross between Barbarossa, Efterklang, Adem, Hot Chip and Hudson Mohawke. Boom. The chamber pop of opener Catharine  is all over the place musically, but in a good way. The same can be said for all the songs here, and Variously Made Men begins as an insane sea shanty before a lush breakdown after 15 seconds into something that I think sets Rudi alongside fellow countryman James Mathe (previously and now once again known as Barbarossa) with his glitchy nu-soul sound as a backdrop to smooth vocals. That said, whereas Barbarossa is rather more lo-fi and stripped back Mathe-rock, Rudi’s is…yeah, not so much! Title track ‘Achtung!’ is the most straightforward number here, and that assessment is certainly a relative one. The EP closes with ‘The Deaf School’, another beaut that I have really warmed to. I love the contrast between simple balladry and those parts where skittering drums and chopped bass fuzz collide to form a crunchy electro-salad. Seconds for me please…


1. Catharine

2. Variously Made Men

3. Achtung! (Go Easy, Come Easy)

4. The Deaf School


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