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This is a new feature I’m starting on Scotified, while I wait to get my head around the first of the new releases in 2012. It’s a rip off of inspired by a new website I’ve recently become a member of. On thisismyjam members post the song that they are currently listening to more than anything else, and their followers can listen to this track for 7 days, after which additional songs can be posted. It’s a great idea for spreading infectious melodies and hooking people in to artists they might not have heard before. In the spirit of awful puns upon which this site is built I’m calling this feature Hot Toddy.

So, first up is a song by a group on Song, by Toad Records. Meursault are from Edinburgh, and this song is drawn from the self-described ‘epic lo-fi’ of their 2010 sophomore album All Creatures will Make Merry. With the weather having turned a bit colder of late I’ve been reminded of this song ‘Sleet‘ and its awesome take on the otherworldliness of snowfall. At first the scene it sets is bleak and tense: ‘You asked of the sun / to kindly leave you alone / so you could see / the snow falling’. In truth that early atmosphere is never escaped entirely, yet while the lyrics and instrumentation are haunting and visceral (especially those strings) I find its icy embrace uplifting and invigorating: ‘And as frost grips to our arms / and the clouds obscure the stars / we will never say of our time, that it’s wasting’.


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  1. Will says:

    Mmmmm. Likey likey. Are the strings omnipresent in their music? I’ll be checking out more either way.

    Keep on spotting scot songs on spottify scottify!

    Leavened Heaven: My Search for Sarnie Shangri-La

  2. scotifier says:

    Yes there is plenty of cello action for you! I’ll keep up the good fight for deep-fried lo-fied bonafide Scotified…

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