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This week’s Hot Toddy comes from the same city as #1, Edinburgh, although this time it’s a somewhat older tune from a more well known band. The Beta Band produced 3 studio albums between 1999 and 2004 [The Beta Band (1999); Hot Shots II (2001); Heroes to Zeros (2004)], characterised by an eclectic sound that drew on folk, electro, rock and trip hop (cheers Wikipedia). I was never really into them at the time (I have no idea why given they tick all my boxes) but have been working my way through their back catalogue over the past year or so. To You Alone was not released on a studio album, but features on their 2005 best of, cunningly titled The Best of the Beta Band – Music. It was released as a single in 2000, and I think it’s a great song that reveals a refined pop sound, with simple but snappy programmed drums, layered vocals and celestial synths building into a hi-hat crescendo that breaks down into space-fuzz, before it all starts over again. In some ways it sounds very 2000, but sometimes that is no bad thing…

See also: Squares, for it’s ‘Daydream…’ sample. Nice.


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