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Released 23/01/2012 - Rock Action Records

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Beta Band fuelled toddy we have another serving of steaming Scotified goodness. This one comes in the form of Glasgow’s Errors and their new single Pleasure Palaces out now on Rock Action. Their new album, Have Some Faith in Magic, is due out in a week, and this first single gives an idea of what it might be like (for an even better idea, take a paddle in the stream of the album provided here by Drowned in Sound). It reminds me of some of the recent stuff from Emeralds, Walls, and Luke Abbott, but they still corner the market in electronic post-rock hoedown, with neck snapping drums smashing into synth riffs, digital balloons popping like a pixelated pinata. B-side ‘Auberchute Flyer’ is a bit different, a patient looping build up that brings to mind Panda Bear and his ilk, reverb soaked circular rhythms washing over you like the distant peal of echoing church bells calling you to worship…that said, it’s quite a subtle and restrained little number but all the more interesting for it. Looking forward to the new album – look out for a new post when it’s added to Spotify.

The video is worth a look too. It may make you want to live on your computer’s desktop. Or not…


1. Pleasure Palaces

2. Auberchute Flyer


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